Agile Coach

Coaching is a fundamental part of Scrum. The term coaching is used explicitly in the Scrum Guide when referring to the service the Scrum Master provides to the organization and the development team.

The term agile coach does not exist explicitly in the Scrum Guide, only implicitly through the description of the coaching activity of the Scrum Master towards the organisation or the development team.

In my opinion, the distinction between Scrum Master and agile coach is somewhat artificial. A Scrum Master is an agile coach.

From my experience, however, there is a small difference. The agile coach – as I understand him – also coaches the Scrum Master. For him there is no further role according to the Scrum Guide. But a new Scrum Master needs support from someone who has a lot of experience with Scrum – an agile coach.

How do you see this?

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